Regional Water Rural Water Association currently has an opening for a DISTRIBUTION OPERATOR.

Regional Water Rural Water Association - Water Distribution Operator

Regional Water Rural Water Association, a non-profit company based in Avoca, Iowa, is accepting applications for water operators. This is a full-time and permanent position.

Previous experience in water distribution is desirable, but candidates without such experience with histories of good mechanical work will be considered.

At minimum, a candidate must possess a high school diploma or GED. Candidates should also have a strong mechanical inclination: operators are expected to quickly pick up on the use of a variety of tools and the maintenance and operation of a variety of machines and vehicles. Candidates must also be able to handle the paperwork for legal compliance and internal tracking purposes. Candidates must be versatile and adaptable, and able to stay on task and work productively even when not directly supervised.

Candidates who stay with the company long enough will receive training in water treatment and distribution and wastewater treatment, and be compensated accordingly, although the first priority will be water distribution. Eventual promotion to a supervisory role is possible but not guaranteed. This position is flexible in its job duties, and operators may be expected to work in service areas or facilities other than their usual on a day to day basis as demanded by the company's needs.

Physical requirements of the job: Candidates must be able to lift fifty pounds regularly, respond quickly to sounds, move safely over uneven terrain, safely climb ladders while carrying fifty pounds, and wear personal protective gear correctly as needed.

Safe and efficient driving of a company vehicle, weekend work on a rotating basis, in-person customer service, being on-call on a rotating basis, responsiveness to emergency calls even when not the primary person on call, working as part of a team and individually, and occasional participation in educational events relevant to the company are all required. Starting wage is $17/hour for an operator with entry-level qualifications, with raises dependent on subsequent experience, skills, performance, and acquisition of relevant licenses from the state of Iowa. A higher starting wage is possible for operators who already have relevant water licenses. Benefits include vacation time, sick leave, health insurance, a SEP IRA retirement plan (after 1 year employment), life insurance, vision and dental insurance.

Send resumes and cover letters by email or to Regional Water, 108 Highway 59, Avoca, IA 51521, Contact name: Tom Kallman. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Regional Water is an equal opportunity employer.