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Bills in Error for Certain Customers

Bills in Error for Certain Customers - December 26, 2019

This only applies if you are a customer with an account number beginning in GR, HD, M, NK, or U.  If your account number begins with anything else, including MS, you were not affected by this error!

If you are a customer who uses autopay/ACH to pay your bills in the cities of Underwood, Neola, McClelland, or Minden, or the rural areas near these cities, the bill sent to you for the month of December was incorrect.  Due to a computer glitch, on that bill it failed to account for your most recent autopayment.  You were never assessed a late fee and your balance is correct in our computer systems, but the bills were printed with the incorrect information.  Autopay will only take from your account on January 15 the amount of new charges, and not any amount of previous balance your bill incorrectly indicates you owed.  We will be sending all affected customers a postcard reiterating this information.

Certain customers (approximately 34) in the same region who did not use ACH/autopayment also received an incorrect bill.  These customers will be contacted by phone and mailed a new bill with the correct amount in the immediate future.

The majority of non-autopay customers (approximately 385) in our Urban Bluffs region (Underwood, Neola, Minden, McClelland, and nearby rural areas) were unaffected and received the correct bill. 

No customers in Mineola (account number beginning in MS) or in the Avoca system (any accounts not beginning in GR, HD, M, NK, or U) were affected.

We are attempting to understand the nature of the computer glitch which led to this and apologize for the inconvenience.