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Level Yellow Restriction Reminder

                                                   Drinking Water Advisory
                                             Level Yellow Press Release Update
     Regional Water’s Board of Directors would like to remind the member customers and communities on their ATP System that we are still in Alert Level Yellow – Mandatory Nonessential Water Restrictions. This is the second highest alert level in our Emergency Water Conservation Plan.
     General Manager Tom Kallman stated that the measure was taken due to a rapid increase in water usage since the lifting of restrictions on December 22nd. He added, “In addition, the first three months of 2024 have seen rainfall totals only half of seasonal averages. The result is that the wellfield is nearly 6” below last year’s levels, and we haven’t even gotten through the Spring yet. We will not be able to provide water for our customers’ needs this Summer if we don’t conserve now. The result would be the rationing of water, something we have never had to do here.”
      The “Level Yellow” restrictions only affect the Avoca Treatment Plant System, which includes members and customers of the Association in Shelby, Audubon, Cass, Harrison, and Northern Pottawattamie Counties. Included are the communities of Avoca, Portsmouth, Westphalia, Kirkman, Tennant, Panama, Earling, Exira, Persia, and Brayton.

    Municipal, residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial users are asked to observe the following reduction measures:
A. Don’t water unless absolutely necessary and only between the hours of 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
B. Encourage the use of existing private wells where possible.
C. Large volume water users, including industries, motels, hotels, eating establishments, and livestock confinements should conduct a water usage audit to reduce water use accordingly.
D. All water users should examine their plumbing for leaks, check toilets to ensure they are not running continuously, and install water saving devices in toilets, faucets, and showers. Facilities with automatic flush valves should adjust the valves to double the time between flushes.
E. Water users should reduce their shower time, use a lower level of water while bathing in a tub, shut off the water while bathing, shaving, brushing their teeth, or preparing food, and only do full loads of laundry and dishes.
    For more information, please visit Regional Water’s website, rwrwa.org or contact the Regional Water Office at 712-343-2413.
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