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Update: Boil Advisory & Mandatory Conservation

Update: Bottom line is, we all need to keep using less water. We are still under a boil advisory and level yellow mandatory conservation. We were able to take our first round of tests to the lab today. We will take the second round tomorrow. We will then have to take a third round on Thursday. IF all of those pass, and we are able to keep the pressure up in every tower, then we will be able to lift the advisory. Therefore, we are looking at Friday at the earliest to lift the boil advisory. All towers continue to struggle and have gotten close to dropping below pressure again. If this happens, we will have to continue the boil advisory, and start over on our sample taking. Please call the office at 712-343-2413 if you have any questions. Again, this does not include Council Bluffs, Underwood, McClelland, or Weston.