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Status Update

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here is an update for you on the status of our Avoca Treatment Plant system:
1. A big thank you to all who have helped us get this far (57 days of continuous operation, 49 since the system came back from the major boil order) without another system failure.
2. We are currently about 67% full on the storage tanks, the highest since the Labor Day weekend.
3. We are pumping at 765 gpm from the wells, about 21,600 gallons per day less than we could at this point last week. Our #1 producing well (100+ gpm) finally broke and is leaking badly. We are still getting ~30gpm from it, so we are using it right up until we can shut it off to replace it. We won't be able to replace the mechanism until Thursday the 21st of September. This will give us time to get the towers as full as possible before we do the repair and avoid pressure issues.
4. Our final numbers for August were over 30 million gallons used, the 2nd highest in our history.
5. We have been approved for the funding and are waiting on USDA-Rural Development for the green light to begin construction of the rock riffle dam near our wellfield. The project should take no more than 75 days and give us anywhere from 100-300 gallons per minute increase in our wellfield capacity.
6. I would ask you to keep doing the great work you have been doing so we can get through this together.
Note: I am willing to attend any city council, town hall or other meeting to answer questions about our current status, future plans and any other water-related issue. Call our office, 712-343-2413.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Regional Water's General Manager, 
Tom Kallman